Preparing the Device for Operation

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The following steps must be accomplished prior to each mission where the sight is used.

  1. Open box, remove the X-Sight HD and check that content of box that nothing is missing. If any accessories are missing do not hesitate to contact ATN’s Customer Service at or 1-800-910-2862.
  2. Inspect the scope for obvious evidence of damage to optical surfaces, body, eyecups, operation buttons, etc. Ensure that all optical surfaces are clean and ready for use. Clean with lens tissue.


Installation of batteries

The X-Sight HD will operate on four AA type batteries.


Install AA batteries as follows:

  1. Remove the battery cap by unscrewing it counter clockwise.
  2. Insert batteries as shown.
  3. Replace battery cap into the housing. Screw clockwise until finger tight. Do not over tighten as it will be difficult to remove the next time you replace batteries.

NOTE We highly recommend using lithium AA batteries. They will provide much longer battery life. Use only 1.5 V batteries.

USB, HDMI and SD ports

X-Sight HD has microSD, microUSB and microHDMI ports.

NOTE You must have an SD card inserted in the device in order to be able to update the scope with the latest firmware as well as utilize the WiFi mode.




Insert microSD card as follows:

  1. Remove X-Sight HD has microSD, microUSB and Micro HDMI ports cap by unscrewing it counter clockwise. Make sure that the X-Sight HD is turned OFF before inserting the card into the slot.
  2. Insert microSD card as shown.
  3. Replace port cap into the housing. Screw clockwise until finger tight. Do not over tighten as it will be difficult to remove.


NOTE There is only one correct direction to insert the microSD card. Do not force the card into the slot as it may damage both the camera and the microSD card. Insert the card, as indicated. A new microSD card should be formatted before using.

NOTE To lock when inserting microSD card in the slot, push it a thin object (a small coin, paper clip, toothpick, ballpen) until it clicks into place. To remove the microSD card from the slot, push it in the same thin object. When it pops up a few millimeters, it can pull with your fingers or tweezers.

NOTE If you are going to record video then microSD Card should be of Class 10 (10 mb/sec) or faster and have capacity from 4 to 64 Gb.

How to Update the Firmware

To receive the notification of new firmware updates, please register your X-Sight HD by clicking REGISTER. Once you register you will be able to download the latest firmware file. You will also receive email announcements once a new firmware becomes available.

NOTE Before operating your X-Sight please update the firmware to the latest version.

NOTE You must make sure that the batteries in the X-Sight are fully charged before updating your device. In the event of a power failure during an update the X-Sight may crash corrupting its system files and will need to be sent back to the ATN factory for service.

Update the new firmware as follows:

  1. Download the ***.bin file from (You may need to create an account, if you didn’t create it earlier) and copy to your microSD Card — root directory.
  2. Insert the card into the device.
  3. Turn ON the device.
  4. In the “Firmware Update” dialog box select “Yes” to start the update.
  5. When the update counter reaches “100%” the device will automatically restart.
  6. Once the device is powered up it will enter self configuration mode.
  7. After completing it will automatically restart and will be ready for use.
  8. Motion Sensing platform will be configured when first turned on.
  9. Once the Firmware update completes, please do a factory reset before using the product.
  10. Please remember to delete the Firmware File off of the microSD card after all steps are completed.

NOTE If the device does not restart within 30 seconds after reaching 100%, remove and re-insert the batteries and power-up the device.

NOTE Wi-Fi / Motion Sensing platform configuration when first turned on. When you first turn the device on after program software updating Wi-Fi > Motion Sensing Platform configuration takes place.


To turn ON your device please press and hold the POWER button. To turn OFF your device please press and hold the POWER button – you will see “device shutting down” with a count down, please continue to hold the POWER button throughout the entire cycle.


Using your Keypad

The Keypad on the X-Sight is designed to be tapped not pressed and held! When using each key on the keypad to operate the X-Sight please be aware that you need to tap each key. Hold a key no longer than 1 second.

There are two exceptions to the rule:

  • ON/OFF — when turning the unit ON you need to press and hold the POWERbutton for a few seconds. When turning the unit OFF you need to press and hold it for 3 seconds; you will see “device shutting down” with a count down on the screen. It’s done to make sure that you do not turn off the device accidentally by tapping the wrong key.
  • ZOOM — by pressing and holding the UP or DOWN button you will be able to Zoom IN and OUT your device.
Focusing X-Sight

X-Sight HD focuses as follows:

  • Diopter Adjustment — Do not take the Rubber Cap off the Objective lens. Look through the eyepiece while focusing on the reticle on the screen. By rotating the Diopter Adjustment you will achieve optimal sharpness for your vision.


NOTE You should not need to re-adjust the Diopter Adjustment unless another user with different vision then yourself will be using the scope.

  • Distance Focus — Remove the Cap from the Objective Lens. Adjust the focus ring as necessary to achieve proper focus at various distances.


  1. Slightly loosen the fixing screws on the 7/8” weaver mount built into the scope.
  2. Place the scope on the weaver rail of the fire arm.
  3. Tighten the fixing screws.


NOTE Fixing screws may need to be tightened after continuous shooting.

In the event that you need more fine adjustments on your rail you can use the “Rail With Fixing Projection”. This will allow you to adjust the groove by 1/3 of an inch. To change the position of the “Rail With Fixing Projection” follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Unscrew the two screws, which attach the rail to the mounting bracket.
  2. Take the rail out of the mount.
  3. Reposition Rail With Fixing Projection About-face.
  4. Fix the rail with the two screws.

NOTE We recommend using “Loctite” to make sure the screws will not loosen during shooting.


Long range 850 mW infra-red illuminator

Infra-red (IR) Illuminators are common for night vision technology. The IR light greatly enhances the performance of your device, while remaining almost totally invisible to the naked eye. Staying in the dark, switch on your night vision device. If the visibility is low, you may use the ATN IR850 to improve the visibility. Still, you should remember that the IR illuminator is just a source of infrared light that enhances the visibility of your device depending on the setting you select on the illuminator.


The ATN IR850 is powered with two CR123A lithium batteries. To install the batteries, unscrew the cap of the battery housing and insert batteries following the polarity arrows marked on the housing. Put the cap back into place. The IR850 illuminator has a control panel with two buttons. To switch the IR illuminator on/off press “+” and “–” buttons simultaneously. When the IR illuminator is switched on you can see the green LED light on the back side of IR850. By pushing the buttons “+” and “–”you may adjust the IR brightness.


The IR beam can be used to flood an area with IR light or narrow the beam for longer range. To change the beam, slightly turn the IR lens outward for a narrow beam increasing the range of the IR light. If you need to have a wider beam to have a bigger Field of View, you would then turn the lens inward. The windage and elevation screws help adjust the direction of the IR beam from the IR850 in order to focus on the scene observed in the viewfinder of your device. Use the included Allen wrench to rotate the adjusting screws until the IR beam is centered. Please remember the adjustments should be performed in darkness or semi darkness (an IR beam is greatly diminished and may not be noticeable at all during daylight conditions). You can change the position of the IR control panel to meet your needs. The wrench that is included in the set is used to loosen the nut located on the body of the IR. Rotate the IR to the desired position. Tighten the nut with the wrench to secure the new position.

Compass calibration

In order for your Compass to function accurately you will need to calibrate your compass each time you turn on the device. To Calibrate simply Rotate the device in all three Axis as pictured below:


After Calibrating the device please remember that the compass (just like any regular compass) will work best when holding the X-Sight parallel to the ground.

NOTE When the compass isn’t calibrated there is CAL on the right of the compass icon.


  • DayNight Day / Night
  • WiFi WiFi
  • HDrecordphotovideo Record video / Capture pictures
  • Imagestabilizationgyroscope Image stabilization/gyroscope
  • Ecompass E-compass
  • Altitude Altitude
  • Velocity Velocity
  • DigitalZoom E-Zoom
  • Geotag Geotag
Info bar(s) and Home screen

Turn on the device. Press and release ENTER button once. Once pressed you will see a number of indicators appearing around the screen providing you useful information on your environment.

Example: Velocity, Elevation, Clock, Zoom Level, etc…

NOTE The information on the bottom of the screen will stay on for a set period of time. If you wish for the information to be constantly displayed on the screen please move the information to the top of the screen (see Settings).


Screen with the bottom banner

Double Tap on the Enter button to go into Home Screen. Home Screen provides you quick commands as well as visual cues to their use. To move between Icons once they appear on the screen use LEFT and RIGHT buttons. Currently, Home Screen has the following four Icons:

  • Menu1active Menu1unactive Photo / video mode
  • Menu2activeMenu2unactive Brightness
  • Menu3active Menu3unactive Day/night mode
  • Menu4active Menu4unactive Menu
Record Video/Image Capture

Photo/Video Mode. Use the UP key to turn ON of Timed and change level of Delay between shots. Also this is your standard mode of operation and will allow you to quickly and easily Zoom IN and OUT.


Menu > Capture contains a number of settings for Video and Photo Capture.


  • Resolution — XSight records in two video modes: Standard Full HD video mode (1080p @ 30fps) and 720p @ 60fps.
  • Microphone — XSight has a built-in Microphone that may be turned ON or OFF for recording Videos.

NOTE You must have a microSD card inserted in the device for these features to work. All files will be stored on the microSD card.

NOTE In Night Mode there are two additional options: 1080p low light amplification and 1080phigh light amplification. Medium is set by default and recommended for the smoothest picture and optimum light amplification.

NOTE It may best to turn OFF the Microphone in conditions of extreme wind.

Timed — you may turn Timed ON or OFF. If Timed ON, XSight will do a series of shots. If Timed OFF, XSight will do one shot.


If Timed ON, the following settings are available:

  • Number of shots — The number of shots in burst. Select the value from 3 to 10.
  • Delay between shots (sec) — It’s interval between shots (sec). Select the value from 2 to 15.

PIV (Picture In Video) feature enables you to take photos while recording video. How to use: While recording video, press the LEFT arrow button to take a photo. You picture will be saved to your microSD card.

NOTE To use this feature there should be a memory card in the device.


Menu > Capture contains of settings for Record Geo-Tagging.

Screenshot17 (1)

Record Geo-Tagging – all photos and Videos captured by X-Sight may have Geo-tags attached to them. Geo-tags are additional data files that allow the user to capture information on the exact location of where photos or videos were taken from. Geo-tags are saved in the special GPX or KML files on microSD card. Using special software, the information recorded in GPX file can be viewed on the various cartographic resources as the trajectory. (Please see Geo-tagging for more information.)

NOTE The KML files are available only on Google resources (Google Maps and Google Earth).


NOTE If GPS turn OFF, the Geo-Tagging does not work.


Tap once on the ENTER button to select brightness of your display. You will see a brightness indicator as visualized by a light bulb.

Screenshot4 You may use LEFT and RIGHT buttons to adjust brightness of your display to your desired level.


You can also change the Brightness in the Menu (see Display section). This is your setting for the display ranging from 1 to 5.


Night Vision Mode

Tap once on the ENTER button to switch between Day and Night Mode.


Day Mode


Night Mode (Green)


Night Mode (White)

Please note that turning on Night Mode during Daylight will NOT HARM your device, however you may not be able to see anything due to the image being too bright. In that event we recommend that you switch back to Day Mode or move into a darker environment.

NOTE We highly recommend using the IR Illuminator included with your X-Sight.

NOTE IR Illuminator is effective only in night mode.

NOTE Night mode is not supported in 720p resolution.

While having Day/Night Mode ICON selected on the screen you may use the DOWN button to change between Black and White night mode and Green night mode. Simply tap the DOWN button to move between modes.

NOTE Light Amplification does not change when changing color modes.

Menu > Display > Day/Night Mode — these same settings may be adjusted in your Home Screen Day/Night ICON.


  • Day/Night Mode — DAY or NIGHT selection are possible.
  • Night Mode Color — WHITE or GREEN selection are possible. White indicated Black & White mode.
  • Light Amplification — HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW selection are possible.
Reticle Selection

Menu > Display > Reticle Reticle - all Reticle settings including the Zeroing-in of your X-Sight are located here. Reticle Display - you may turn the Reticle ON or OFF. Turning the Reticle off may be useful when using the X-Sight for observational purposes only.

Screenshot14 Reticle Type - tap ENTER button to select desired Reticle and return to previous screen.


NOTE We plan to add additional Reticles in the future firmware releases and when added they will appear in the Reticle Type section.

Zero Setup

Single shot zero instructions:

  1. Power on device.
  2. Press the “ENTER” button twice to bring up your menu icons, use the keypad arrows to select “MENU” and press “ENTER”.
  3. Select “DISPLAY”.
  4. Select “RETICLE”.
  5. Select “Zero Setup”.


  1. Aim at your target (preferably bullseye).
  2. Shoot your target while keeping your reticle on the bullseye.
  3. Using the keypad arrows, move your reticle to the point of impact and press “ENTER” to save the new reticle location. This will be your weapon’s zero.

NOTE After setting your zero once, the red dot will always be your screen’s center, and the green dot will be your previous zero.

NOTE Upon pressing “ENTER” when saving your zero, you will be directed to the previous screen. If you would like to confirm your zero, repeat step 5.


ZOOM — by pressing and holding the UP or DOWN button you will be able to Zoom IN and OUT your device.



Menu > WiFi and GPS Setting for your WiFi and GPS are contained here.


WiFi — Turn the X-Sight’s WiFi ON or OFF. Please be aware that the Obsidian Core powering your X-Sight is in essence a miniature computer and just like any computer it does take time to fully boot up its WiFi. Please wait between 1 to 3 minutes after first turning ON your WiFi before attempting to connect to your X-Sight.


We highly recommend that WiFi is kept OFF when not in use due to severely increasing your X-Sight’s power consumption and draining its batteries.

  • SSID — this is name of your X-Sight’s WiFi.
  • Password — password for your X-Sight’s WiFi.
  • MAC — your unique MAC address.

NOTE This functions cannot be enabled/disabled during record.

GPS — Turn the X-Sight’s GPS ON or OFF.

NOTE We highly recommend that GPS is kept OFF when not in use to reduce unnecessary power consumption. GPS may not function correctly indoors or in environments where the signal to the GPS antenna is blocked. The GPS antenna resides on top of the X-Sight and underneath the GPS/Wi-Fi indicator.

Customize the Name and password of SSID

Customize the Name and password of SSID Create the WiFi config file. This step is performed only once Insert an SD card, power up the device and turn on the WiFi. Wait for the WiFi icon appear and remove the card. For every device that needs to be updated

  • On the SD card open and edit the following text file: /MISC/wifi.conf
  • Find the line that starts with AP_SSID (most likely line number 26) and change it from: AP_SSID=atn_obsidian to: AP_SSID= and save the wifi.conf file

NOTE There are several other lines that have keys with the value “atn_obsidian.” Do not confuse them, you are only changing the AP_SSID.

  • Start the device with the SD card inserted.
  • Start the WiFi if it’s not currently running.
  • It is now safe to remove the SD card (the new SSID is saved in the device’s internal memory).
Indicator Positions

The Display screen contains a Indicator Positions (Compass, Speedometer, Altitude, Clock).


NOTE If you are going to use Compass it’s desirable to calibrate it after you switch ON the device.


Setup contains a number of settings for Date/Time, Units, Zoom, Lens, etc.


Date/Time settings


  • Date and clock source — Manual / WiFi. If you select WiFi, you can set date and time on your device using our application. It is enough to choose Date or Time item on the screen Settings and set the required numbers.
  • Date — set date
  • Time — set time
  • Date format — select the date format (MM-DD-YYYY / DD-MM-YYYY / YYYY-MM-DD).
  • Clock format — select the time format (12h / 24h).

Units — US Standard/Metric.

Restore factory settings. If you select this item, you will see a warning message. Select the desired setting by using the LEFT-RIGHT buttons, and press ENTER.


Firmware version. It shows the current firmware version of the X-Sight.

Digital zoom — Standard / Extended. Standard zoom works at a range up to 4x. Extended zoom works at a range up to 10x.

The feature of Lens type choice — 3x / 5x (3×12 / 5×18) or None. It’s used for more accurate zoom operation.

Sleep delay — energy saving feature. It’s designed in order to increase the battery operation time. If the device is motionless for a certain time it turns to the sleeping mode. And it starts again with the slightest move of the device. The user can change the time of energy saving mode activation. Acceptable values: OFF — the energy saving feature is turned off. 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 — delay time (in minutes) for energy saving mode activation.

Format microSD Card





NOTE If Wi-Fi enabled, formatting of the microSD card is blocked.


Warnings and Сautions
  • Always remember to turn off the device when it is not in use. If you do not plan on using it for a period of more than 10 days, you should remove the batteries.
  • Do not disassemble, drop, open, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate, paint or insert foreign objects: it will void your warranty.
  • Keep Lens Cap on when not in use.
  • Avoid contact with dust, steam, and gas.
  • This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.
  • The scope is a precision electro-optical instrument and must be handled carefully.
  • Do not scratch the external lens surfaces or touch them with your fingers.

CAUTION Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in damage to the device!

Mobile Applications

Android Application

iOS Application